Wake up the Prediabetes Genius with this Online Prediabetes Program
How To Wake Up The Diabetes Expert Inside You
Have you recently been diagnosed with prediabetes or borderline diabetes and want to take steps to make sure it does not impact your health?

Knowing what to do matters.
How To Wake Up The Diabetes Expert Inside You
Have you recently been diagnosed with prediabetes or borderline diabetes and want to take steps to make sure it does not impact your health?

Knowing what to do matters.
Hello and welcome to my online prediabetes program developed for people diagnosed with prediabetes in the last couple of years who want to do something about it.

My name is Dr Sultan and I am a consultant diabetes physician with many years of expertise helping people with diabetes and prediabetes.

I hope I can help you too.
Being told you have prediabetes can feel a little bit overwhelming
Start Your Prediabetes Journey in the Right Way

This unique personalized online prediabetes program was developed to help people with borderline diabetes, or people at risk of getting diabetes, navigate a safe and effective path to avoid developing diabetes completely or delay the onset.

This program is based on scientific facts and medical evidence and has been created by diabetes medical specialists, diabetes nurse educators, dieticians and clinical psychologists to help you get prediabetes under control from the beginning.

1. Start the right way
2. Optimize your health
3. Learn skills you need
How did you feel getting diagnosed with prediabetes?

It's not easy being told that there is something wrong with your health. It is even more difficult when you feel ok with little or no pain. Often people can feel confused, anxious, concerned or overwhelmed. Unfortunately some even a little bit guilty ... many are not surprised.

Reading and researching about diabetes can be scary and overwhelming. There is so much out there and much of it conflicting and inconsistent. Knowing what to do and how to do it can be the difference between stormy seas and smooth sailing.

The most important thing to remember is that this is the best time to deal with diabetes. The longer you wait the less likely you are to reverse the process and the harder your journey will become.  Research tells us 40% of people diagnosed with prediabetes will develop diabetes within 3-5 years.

Does that have to be you?

Is it all about food and avoiding sugar?

The impact of sugary foods is really important and there are many opinions about what diet to follow.

Our comprehensive diet education will give you clarity, direction 
and a plan about what to eat and how much with our simple, easy to understand videos and activities.

It is not be about changing your diet completely instead we will help you adapt the foods you like to eat so they don't impact your health.

This program also focuses on weight loss strategies if you want to lose weight.  Not everyone with diabetes and prediabetes is overweight. If you can do with losing some weight, we have the strategies that have been proven to work for people over the long term.

80% of people who enrol in the 12 week program lose significant weight by making small, consistent and repeatable changes that over time add up.

But blood sugars are only a small part of diabetes...
People with diabetes and prediabetes have something called the Metabolic Syndrome which involves a number of different conditions that can impact health like blood pressure, heart disease, kidney failure, nerve damage, cholesterol irregularities and gout to name just a few.

These are often not talked about or addressed. If they are treated then they are often under treated with most people not reaching their ideal health targets.

By enrolling in our comprehensive prediabetes course we will personalise the program to give you the information you need to be informed and armed to ensure you are getting the best care.

This was how Daphne put it...
"The online course gave me a focus on my particular diabetic journey which had been missing before - I will take a more active role with my family doctor and specialist."

and Anne ... "It is so thorough and well structured and I feel like I am finally understanding my diabetes and not feeling guilty about being on medications. I really like the way you are stepping through a different aspect of diabetes each week and the videos are sooooooooo good. It is one thing to read this information but it's another to actually see it in action."

Can it be reversed or stopped?
Yes Yes Yes ...but honestly, despite what the online "gurus" say, not everyone can or will reverse the process that leads to diabetes. When a person is diagnosed with diabetes 50% of their pancreas's insulin production is lost and can't be regenerated.

It is like having $1000 in your pocket and without realising losing $500!!

Knowing you are losing it is really important but knowing how to stop spending so much and save a little is the difference between being ok and going broke.

If you are worried about progressing, needing lots of medications and developing complications, then this 12 week personalized prediabetes program will help you get under control from the beginning.
There is no-one who cares about your health as much as you do. Now is the time to start the right way.
I believe you deserve more. 
Does it really matter if I feel fine?

If you are waiting to feel unwell before you tackle diabetes then you are waiting too long.

Most people never know things are out of control.  Here is video worth watching.

Why cant I get all this from my doctor?
Well maybe you can but most people don't.

Even though doctors, dieticians and nurse educators are really important in helping a person with prediabetes and diabetes stay healthy, time is the problem. Even if you are told things it is not always easy to remember everything.

There is a lot to know and a lot to be told. Health professionals simply don't have the time needed to dedicate to you. Most doctor appointments are 10 minutes long and often diabetes, prediabetes and weight loss strategies are not the priority.

Some health professional also simply do not have a complete expertise in diabetes. Diabetes is so common now that doctors are familiar and often will have a go and "try things" on you.

People are not an experiment which is why this program has been developed by trained diabetes medical specialist, accredited dieticians, senior diabetes educators and clinical psychologists.

With over 45 videos, tools and activities covering medical, diet and psychological aspects of prediabetes, this 12 week program will tell you what you need to know and give you the time and expertise you deserve. 
Can't I just look it up on google?
The internet is certainly amazing and whether it is Google, forums or Facebook there is a huge amount of information out there but it is not without it's problems.

When it comes to health it can be dangerous:

  • Is the advice credible?
  • Is it trustworthy
  • Is the person truly a qualified expert? Even then are they trained diabetologists?
  • Are they a lunatic?

Aside from expertise, the internet can be overwhelming and you don't know who is giving you the information or if it is up to date.

With so much information how do you know what is relevant to your needs?

Imagine you want to build a brick wall. Go online, watch a video or two and hey presto you are a builder!!

Do you really know enough and feel confident to now go ahead and build your wall?

In reality you will need a specific approach based on your brick types, the mortar you use, the shape of the wall, the slope of the ground, the strength of the wall you need, the temperature of the air and how quickly things dry ... the list is endless.

Let's build the wall together
We created this Prediabetes 12 week online program to make it easy for a person with borderline diabetes to get the credible, scientific and honest information I believe that everyone deserves.

Created by trained diabetes medical specialist, accredited dieticians, senior diabetes educators and clinical psychologists we customize and personalize each program so that it is relevant to you.

That's right, the program changes to suit your specific needs. No more hunting and searching, we do it all for you so you can spend the time putting your new knowledge into practice.

A little bit about Dr Sultan
I have spent my career dedicated to people with diabetes and love explaining science in simple, clear and engaging ways. I have lectured to diabetes experts in over 50 cities globally and have helped over 10,000 patients over the years.

If you want to know more about me and my team to make sure I have the expertise you need, you can look at the Dr Sultan page on my site or look up my research with google scholar.
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Want to know more about what is in the program?
Try the program and start your diabetes journey like Anna, the right way
"It is one thing to read this information but it's another to actually see it in action. It really helps cement the information. I am enjoying the graphs and watching my marker line going down when I record my weight and waist measurements. Thank you for being such a forward thinking doctor who truly cares that people understand themselves and their conditions and doesn't just advise as a form of lip service."